The TRIO project brought fresh air to Prague

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Under the slogan: „ON THE WAVES OF SUSTAINABILITY“ there was a event on the cruise ship Klara, which was organized on June 14, 2022 by Advanced Materials-JTJ s.r.o.

The purpose of this event was to present the unique results of three years of research into air decontamination using photocatalytic coating technology FN NANO® and its use in practice to protect public health.

The partners of the TRIO project were invited together with representatives from important Czech professional institutions, designers, architects, municipalities and others who can use the research results in practice. Most representatives were from the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The event was also attended by Dr. Jiří Rathousky who collaborated on the project with Jan Prochazka Ph.D.

All participants were introduced to the results of the project that revealed the practical applicability of photocatalysis for Smart Cities and for the improvement of living conditions in practice.

The conclusion of the project has a global reach – we can very effectively and long-term clean the air from toxic substances in city streets and interiors, and at the same time we can model and accurately determine these benefits.

 Models of cities and reactors in which measurements took place were also exhibited on the upper deck of the ship.

So, what did the TRIO FV 40209 project bring?

  • Verification of the effectiveness, longevity and practical applicability of photocatalytic technology to improve the quality of the environment and to protect human health.
  • Methodology for architects, designers and environmental workers – how to use photocatalytic technology in practice.
  • Expert determination of the environmental effect for specific buildings and sites.
  • Efficient, long-term and cheap air purification in urban areas.
  • Elimination of toxic substances from the air and conversion of toxic ground-level ozone into the necessary oxygen.

 The project measured over 1000 samples in the laboratory according to ISO 22197 methodology and over 2000 hours of measurement in real city conditions and on a 3D model of a selected part of the city.

Practical measurements were carried out in Prague, in Legerova street, where tens of thousands of cars pass daily. The results of these measurements show that photocatalytic technology can normally remove 50 % of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and ozone from the air upon contact with photocatalytic facades.

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Other practical measurements took place in cooperation with the Italian accredited laboratory Indam in the center of Milan. These measurements yielded very promising results, measuring an average efficiency of 39 % in removing NOx and ozone from the air. This is an unrivaled high ability to clean the centers of major cities.

During the event, guests were able to see for themselves the effectiveness of this technology. A model city was located at the stern of the ship and measurements of NOx removal were measured throughout the voyage.

The graph from this measurement shows a decrease in emissions during the voyage with NOx removal efficiencies above 30%.

The results of the grant confirmed that we have in our hands a unique ecological technology that can restore cities to a beautiful and clean appearance in the long run. FN NANO® photocatalytic coatings protect building surfaces from UV degradation, cool their surface and at the same time constantly clean the air from toxic emissions.

The project confirmed that the FN NANO® photocatalytic coating technology is currently the most modern technology for smart and clear cities WITHOUT EMISSIONS!

There is only one air and it belongs to all of us.