Remove emissions – We can determine the environmental benefit of buildings from a 3D model

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We present to you a useful tool from the R&D company Advanced Materials-JTJ, which was granted utility model No. 36237 for photocatalytic efficiency verification reactor. With this technology, architects and designers can determine the impact of photocatalytic building facades on the air in a specific location, using a 3D model of the projected building.

Effects such as the shape, orientation and location of buildings on air purification by photocatalytic surfaces can be accurately verified on a building model with photocatalytic coating.


We can simulate the most optimal location of the building and calculate its environmental benefit for the given location.

Long-term measurements in a real environment as well as simulations on 3D models using the Czech patented FN NANO® technology have demonstrated the unique ability of photocatalytic surfaces to clean infested cities from pollutants, often over 50% when in contact with an active surface.

Measurements on a model and in a real environment in Prague, Legerova street (purple-polluted air, dark blue removed pollutants after contact with an active surface ~ 50% cleaner air)