FN NANO® maintains high efficiency in the long term – Scientific article

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The commercial photocatalytic product FN NANO®2 (FN2) was found to be more effective in removing NOx than the Evonik P25 standard. Tests were conducted under different conditions – multiple substrate types and NOx input concentrations. „The reaction rate with the FN2 coating was higher than that recorded with P25, even thoughthe percentage of titania in the FN2 coating was lower.“ Say the researchers in the paper.

Comparison between fresh and aged FN2 was carried out after. The aged sample was cut from concrete noise barrier wall adjacent to one of the busiest roads in Prague two years after it was coated. The measurements recorded a slight decrease in efficiency over the two years, but still proved that „the commercial photocatalytic coating FN2 maintains high efficiency in removing nitrogen oxides from con-taminated air even after two years under harsh conditions.“

The article was published in Applied Catalysis B: Environmental. The article Photocatalytic abatement of NOx pollutants in the air usingcommercial functional coating with porous morphology was written by Dr. R. Zouzelka and Dr. J. Rathousky from the J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS).

You can read the open-access article HERE.